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Regional Indicators Report

The centerpiece Regional Indicators Report is built on the premise that knowing how we stack up against our competition—and monitoring our progress—will guide us to greater economic prosperity. This scorecard looks at 15 economic indicators related to employment, workforce, income, education, and innovation. It serves as an unbiased assessment tool to measure our region’s economic performance and compares our performance against 11 regions we compete with for people and jobs.

In fact, the 15 key indicators in the report are grouped under the headings of “People” and “Jobs.” Knowing where we rank on these key factors is an important step in fulfilling the vision of Agenda 360 and Vision 2015—to become a leading region for talent, jobs, and economic opportunity for all who call our region home.

Equally as important to the indicators is the comparison to those regions with which we compete. The peer regions were selected for their similar geography, population size, and/or demographic makeup. Three—Austin, Denver, and Minneapolis—could also be classified as “aspirational” comparisons for their consistently superior performance on many indicators.
In 2014, Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky rank 9th of 12 regions overall.


The Regional Indicators Report continues to serve as a call to action. We are optimistic about our region’s prospects for the future and we are inspired by a renewed sense of pride in all our region has to offer. How will this report inspire you to make change in our community?