About the Regional Indicators Reports

The Regional Indicators reports look at our region’s performance through an economic lens. Just as successful companies compare their bottom line against that of their competitors, thriving communities must do the same. These reports provide an unbiased assessment tool to compare the performance of the Greater Cincinnati 15-county Metropolitan Statistical Area, which includes Southwest Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana, to that of 11 other regions with whom we compete for jobs, talent and economic progress. There are currently three reports:

  • The Regional Indicators Report, first published in 2010, compares performance on 15 indicators to the 11 other communities. The online version of this report is updated annually and includes, in addition to data on the Cincinnati metropolitan region as whole, county-by-county data for some indicators.
  • The 2020 Jobs Outlook forecasts the number and types of jobs in our region between now and the year 2020 and the skills, education, and experience required for them. An executive summary is available in pdf form.
  • Diverse by Design: Meeting the Talent Challenge in the Global Economy, explores our regions overall diversity and degree of inclusion in comparison to our peer region’s.
  • The Connected Region, benchmarks Cincinnati and its 11 peer regions on indicators related to transit usage and funding, as well as indicators on walking, biking and commuting.

All reports are produced through partnership between Agenda 360 in Cincinnati/Southwest Ohio and Skyward in Northern Kentucky. The 2020 Jobs Outlook included additional collaborators Partners for a Competitive Workforce and the Strive Partnership. Research and data services are provided by the University of Cincinnati Institute for Policy Research and the Northern Kentucky University Center for Economic Analysis and Development. The high caliber of the reports is also supported by the United Way/University of Cincinnati Community Research Collaborative, which has set a new standard for the use of current, credible data in assessing the state of our community.

About the partners

Agenda 360 is the regional action plan designed to transform Cincinnati USA into a leading metropolitan region for talent, jobs and economic opportunity for all who call our region home by the year 2020. Vision 2015 is a catalyst for growth, created to work with the community on a plan for Northern Kentucky’s future. It is a shared public plan that represents the region’s priorities. The challenges of the 21st century require regional thinkers, conveners and problem solvers, who use clear and accurate data to find and implement solutions. Agenda 360, Vision 2015 and our partners are committed to meeting these challenges.

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